WOW what a year it has been for Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners

At the beginning of 2013 Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners were born, we were thinking about starting up a business and as always the financial’s of it always stopped us. But we did not give up on the dream. When I lost my job early into the New Year, we thought that time was right to go ahead and push our business plans and go ahead and start our dream job. With this in mind, I enrolled on a course to get qualified as a Wedding Planner. What was the reason behind that you may ask? Well, if I was personally looking for a Wedding Planner or anyone to help me towards my special day I would look for someone who had knowledge and qualifications behind them.  It also shows the prospective clients and the outside world that we are serious about the business and we not afraid to invest in ways to making it a better service to clients.1521353_668583736498087_1278076003_n We did not have a name for our business until I was completing the first assignment. The name came to me as I was writing the conclusion and  “Sprinkle of Magic” was born!  The name really impressed those who I put the idea to. So, we ran with it! Everyone I know has said they love the name and makes them smile.

I completed the Wedding Planning course  early November with a Distinction which as you can imagine I was ecstatic about. Not only had I started our business up, I was also qualified with a “distinction! I was one happy lady! Along side completing the course we got the website up and running, signed up to Facebook and Twitter and started to put our name out there in the big wide world. We have met some amazing people along our journey so far who range from venues to suppliers and of course some  wonderful Bride and Grooms to be.

wedding-approvedWedding planners are misunderstood or it maybe a case that the sector is not understood. Reading articles online and in magazines it appears that the general consensus of wedding planners are expensive and add extra costs onto the venue or supplier rates so that they can line their pockets further. This may be the case for some Wedding planners but not Sprinkle of Magic. We work hard and closely with out suppliers and obtain great prices from them to ensure that you get the best possible rate through us. Suppliers will give Wedding Planners a better rate than if the public go direct to them because we will recommend them to the right couple and it generates them more business that they might not have had without our intervention.

So, a year later where are we? Well we get a real buzz when an email comes through asking for a quote from couples who are looking for that extra support for their special day. We have had the privilege in working with one of the best Wedding Planners in the UK ( my tutor from the Blackford Centre who has her own fully established business) , also been very privileged to be asked to help them with a couple of weddings. Along with the above we have advertised on many of the wedding sites such as Hitched, Derbyshire Wedding Suppliers, Wedding Spot and East Midlands Wedding HQ to name a few.

Also we have appeared in the Wedding Gateway magazine1390644_357295024406092_2071137634_n that was handed out to every Bride and Groom to be at the Wedding Fayre in London. Coming up for Sprinkle of Magic is an advertisement in a magazine that is exclusive to John Lewis.  Also we can confirm that were selected by the Visit Peak District to be advertised on their website for those who wish to marry in the beautiful peak District.

Our biggest achievement to date is the award that we are about to receive. We were notified in November 2013 that we had been nominated for the Scoot Headline Awards and in January 2014 it was confirmed that we were a winner.We collect the award early April and cannot wait to show you our amazing achievement. scoot_headline_logo (1) We have had amazing support from our suppliers, had the pleasure of meeting some lovely bride and grooms to be and working with them to create their magical day is a dream come true.

We would like to thank  The Blackford Centre, Isabella Weddings and all of our suppliers including our advertisers who have taken us on board and given us the opportunity to work towards creating Sprinkle of Magic which allows us to do our dream job! If you think Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners can help you then please get in touch via our website email or give us a call on 07961477081 We look forward to hearing from you.

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