We are your Fairy Godmother …

We are your Fairy Godmothers!

Wedding Planners are currently in an industry where many people still have misconceptions and people don’t fully understand what they do. But as I have already have a blog on Why hire a Wedding Planner this one is more about the myths of Wedding Planners and putting the truth out there for all Bride and Grooms to read.963980_656521647698414_1986489416_o

Number 1

Myth: Wedding Planners take over and control everything and I don’t get a look in.

Fact:  As Professional Wedding Planners we are looking to bring your dream wedding into a reality, we work with the couple from the minute they hire us through to their big day. We listen to clients to understand what their wishes are, understand the Bride and Groom as a couple and get to know them. We believe that weddings should be as individual and unique as the couple and reflect on the couples personality and style.  We are there to help bring all the ideas and dreams together and you are involved fully.

Number 2

Myth: My venue has its own Wedding Co-ordinator so I don’t need a Wedding Planner as well.

Fact: There are alot of venues that offer co-ordinators when booked with the venue. The bonus of this is that they should have organised many Events  / Weddings at that venue. However, co-ordinators will only be there for part of your planning. Wedding Planners are there with you right though your planning process and in the background assisting with the finer details. Wedding Planners are a good asset to have as they will chase suppliers up and ensure all is to schedule (Venue co-ordinators don’t do that)

As professional Wedding  Planners we are there to guide you and support you in many tasks, such as Wedding Budget, provide timelines, itineraries for your Wedding Day for your Wedding Party and suppliers.

Both Wedding Planning and Co-ordinator roles are very different.

20130907_133327Number 3

Myth: Wedding Planners are expensive

Fact: Wedding Planners offer a varied range of planning packages to suit all budgets, yes some budgets may be large and some may be very limited but we work with the couple and work out what assistance and guidance they would like. It may be that we are only needed for a few hours to help bring the client back within their schedule or maybe a venue / supplier search. Each couple are different in what they will require from a Wedding Planner which is why we also offer our Bespoke Package.  As professional Wedding Planners we work with all levels of budget. It is a small price to pay when you have total piece of mind knowing your day is going to run smoothly so you can enjoy it from beginning to end without worrying.  Wedding Planners are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury these days due to the pressure couples are under from their working and home life.

Number 4

Myth: With my ideas, social media, family and friends, I don’t need anyone else to help.

Fact: Social Media is fantastic as is the help and assistance from friends and family. However, your friends and family won’t be able to focus in juggling various tasks and would they be OK missing part of your Wedding Day ensuring the rest of your scheduled day runs smoothly enough. A Wedding Planner will be there for as long you have agreed them to be and ensure that your Wedding Party is enjoying getting ready, this allows everyone to concentrate on getting ready rather than focusing on the finer details and leaving the Wedding Planner to focus on your schedule and special day.

Number 5138

Myth: A wedding Planner doesn’t care as long as they get paid.

Fact: Once you have spoken to a Wedding Planner you will see and hear from the start that they are there to make sure your dream becomes a reality. Their priority is making  the Bride and Groom happy as well as their families. Building a great relationship with the couple is important to us.  If we didn’t care about our clients and their special day then we would not have a successful business.


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