Do you need to be qualified to become a Wedding Planner?

Do you need to be qualified to become a Wedding Planner?

My answer would be it depends on who you ask. Many professional Wedding Planners will come up with a different wedding-approvedanswer based on their experience and education.  There is no law to say you have to be qualified to practice as a Wedding Planner. However, I do believe the key to being a professional Wedding Planner, that this is a great unique selling point when Bride and Grooms are looking for assistance towards creating their magical day.

As a Wedding Planner I cover all over East Midlands, covering Nottingham, Derby and the Peak District and I support local business’s wherever I can to help smaller business’s like Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners to grow. I believe that this is also a great way to progress and gain the support from local suppliers.

The Wedding Planning profession is a great step forward if you are confident and have experience in previous Customer Service roles, such as in  Sales and Hospitality to name a few.  Having this background, will provide you with an insight of working towards deadlines, being customer facing and dealing with problem solving.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are many courses out there that will offer a Wedding Planning course for a day or two. They give the impression that you will understand and have knowledge of the entire wedding world in those few days but this is sadly not the case. If you are looking for an insight to the Wedding Planning world and not sure if it is for you, then maybe this could be a good first step.  There are many courses out there it is just finding the one that you are happy with.  If you are qualified and have a certificate then it shows how serious you are about being in the Wedding Industry and that you are in it for the long haul and that you really care about customer satisfaction.

The courses show you an insight of how to become a Wedding Planner and you will learn many skills from them. They will show you how to impress perspective clients, how to prepare for meetings and more importantly how to work with the Bride and Groom to achieve their special day.

This knowledge is not so easy to gain from a course or college and needs to be gained from experience. This all ncfecounts as your couple will expect professionalism with your knowledge and experience in creating their Wedding Day.  If possible, try to get yourself some work experience from local Wedding Planners or even Event Planners to gain a day’s experience with them.

As previously mentioned, It is not a legal requirement to be qualified as a wedding planner or do a course, however to be successful it is a good idea to educate yourself in the industry as much as you can. It will guide you to starting your own business and make your life easier.

Woodborough-Hall-Wedding-Photography-nottingham-1aIn our experience, more or less every Bride and Groom that we have worked with and who are planning with us now, have asked if we have a qualification. This really is a great selling point and will help you become more established in the wedding industry rather than someone who has been thinking about starting a Wedding Planning business and has no idea about where to start, how to get contacts,  how to be successful and obtain clients and much more. Possessing the qualification is more professional, it shows that you have invested in your career and business and more importantly, shows that you are taking pride in what you do for your clients. This in turn will show your clients that you are serious and passionate about Weddings and that you want their day to be special!

So with all of this in mind, when you are deciding about whether you want to be a Wedding Planner, look at starting Mr and Mrs Burk (19)a course where you will obtain knowledge and support from your tutor.  Don’t rush into the first course you see, take time to find the right path for you to start your Wedding Planning career.

If you are looking for a Wedding Planner  to help you with your Wedding Plans then please do get in touch and book your complimentary consultation with us to see how we can start planning your magical day.

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